Print Studio

Pick pretty paints is a print studio based in the heart of St.Ives Cornwall at The Sloop Craft Market. The studio was set up to promote the print industry within the Uk. Using traditional print processes Textile Artist Erin Lacy has been producing prints while developing her own hand mixed paints to share from her studio.The print studio aims to inspire by creating new colour shades within the market place for printers & crafters. The paint range was created to make printing accessible to everyone. From a printing beginner to proffessional, the collection is designed to be collectable & afforable. From our small, medium & large tubs our colour range will give you the choice to make layered prints & quick colour grouping decisions.

The paints can be used for all printing methods from screen, stencils & stamps. The paints are all hand mixed in the printing shed & can be used for a number of multi textile surfaces. From paper, fabric, wood & any matt surface. You can create your own patterns & prints leaving a mark all over the place.