The Book

Learn to make beautiful, creative and practical prints at home with this gorgeous new guide for the absolute beginner.

Erin leads you through every step of the screen printing process, from making a screen using an embroidery hoop, transferring a motif onto a screen and creating repeat patterns and borders.

There are twelve projects to try, plus ideas for creating your own designs. The book is inspired by coastal and botanical finds to make unique motifs

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a print process involving the forcing of ink through a screen of fine material to create a picture or pattern. It has been around for many years, and has long been perceived as a specialist subject accessible only to professional printers and textile artists due to the high cost of the screens and inks. Erin's book will allow you to screen print on the go or round a kitchen table.

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12 Projects

Discover how to print onto different surfaces such as wood, cork and fabric, and create twelve stunning, coastal and botanical-themed projects through bright and colourful step-by-step photography.

The book includes templates and inspiration on how to design your own screen printing motifs.